BRUDYAL is a sterile, preservative free, wetting eye solution of 0,10% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, in a box containing 20 unit doses. It is recommended in alleviating symptoms, eyestrain and irritation related with dry eye. It can be used as many times a day as needed. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in the eye. It forms a uniform hydrating and protecting film resistant to evaporation. It offers comfort based on its long lasting ocular hydration, specially in contact lens users after instillation of one or two drops in the concavity of the lenses, before applying them on the ocular surface. Has a physiological pH of 7,3 and a tonicity of 280 mOsm/L equivalent to that in the natural tear.

Box containing 20 unit doses. Sterile and preservative free. Sold in pharmacies.

Recommended PSP+VAT: 11,37 €

C.N. 167573.6

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