BRUDYNEN EMULSION is a Dietetic Food for Special Medical Purposes, with natural sweeteners. It’s an emulsion, rich in a DHA-triglyceride, showing antioxidant properties (DHA 70%, EPA 10%), packed in 4,7g unit dose drinkable sachets. This is an optimal alternative for patients showing difficulties swallowing capsules, but having the need to receive DHA. Each sachet includes 1g of DHA-triglyceride showing antioxidant properties, sweetened with fructose, gluten and dairy free. Should be prescribed and used under medical supervision, and should not be used as a single source of food. Sachets should be well stirred before opening. Emulsion can be directly ingested from the sachet, or poured into a spoon and covered with other foods that will please the child (jam, yogurt, custard, paps,…).


Indications: it is indicated for the dietetic treatment of those situations in which a DHA module is needed (Tridocosahexanoina-AOX®), or when an enrichment of the diet with this triglyceride is needed, as in ambliopias with a component deficit of DHA due to a nutritional cause, or due to alcohol toxicity. Attention Deficit with or without hyperactivity, oncology patients, those with cystic fibrosis, lipid malabsortion, Age Related Macular Degeneration, and Metabolic disturbances.

Box containing 30 x 4,7g  unit dose sachets. Sold in pharmacies.

Recommended PSP+VAT: 49,63 €

C.N. 162570


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