Our quality policy


To provide solutions to complement the deficient daily diet in today’s changuing world and to contribute to improve the treatment of illnesses related to inflammation and oxidative stress.



To become an international benchmark in Omega-3 fatty acids, in the field of food supplements and medical devices.



Constant efforts to improve the manufacturing processes and yield better quality products, which allow our company to comply with the most strict quality requirements or our customers.

To be able to offer the most suitable products and services to supply market demands in the field of food, food supplements and medical devices.

To guarantee that our products will meet the legal requirements, the technical specifications and the requirements stablished by our customers.

To count on the qualification and constant training of our personnel, as well as the technical advice by professional consultants, so as to establish a good quality management system.

Constant efforts to reach our business targets and to explore new market opportunities, so as to catalyse company’s growth.