BRUDY SEC has been conceived to supplement daily requirements in essential fatty acids of the Omega-3 family and of the included group of vitamins, minerals and glutathione. (KEEP READING)

Glutathione has been included as a source of Cysteine, which is an essential amino acid for the endogen glutathione synthesis and is the main cell antioxidant.

Vitamin A contributes to maintaining normal sight and contributes to keep the skin and the mucous membranes healthy, such as the conjunctiva. Clinical trials performed supplementing our molecule in different groups of patients suffering different forms of dry eye, show a significant improvement both in the bothering symptoms (OSDI test) and in the evaluated clinical signs (B.U.T., Schirmer test, Oxford test,…) and a significant reduction on the basal levels of immune-inflammatory markers (Cytokines) present in the reflex tears : patients with a moderate dry eye2,  ocular surface disease derived from the chronic use of topical eye hypotensives in glaucoma patients3, dry eye derived from intensive use of computer screens4, dry eye derived from Meibomian gland disease (MGD)5; the results obtained in this last group is also making evident a significant improvement  in their quality of life6.

Box with 30 soft gelatin capsules.

Recommended PSP+VAT: 21,65 €

C.N. 158371.0

Box with 90 soft gelatin capsules.

Recommended PSP+VAT: 47,82 €

C.N. 161522.0




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