Is a preservative free sterile solution of 0,18% hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight, including a close concentration of the ions found in natural tears, in a 10ml multi dose container offering more than 250 drops. Is an artificial tear. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is offering viscoelastic, hydrating and lubricating properties ideal to get a mitigation of the bothering symptoms related to dry eye. Has 2 years of shelf life, authorized to be used during three months of the initial opening. Is exactly the same formulation offered in VISMED 20 Unit doses, but now in a multi dose preservative free 10ml container, more manageable for the hands of the elderly. Is an hypotonic solution (150mOsm/L) to counteract hyperosmolarity related with evaporative dry eye, with a physiological pH of 7,3.

Sterile, preservative free 10ml Container. Sold in Pharmacies.

Recommended PSP+VAT: 19,85 €

C.N. 163806.9


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