Brudyderm Dry Eye

01 Eyelid gel for night use in dry eyes

Night eyelid gel for dry eye The use of displays (mobile telephones, computers, TVs, etc.) and adverse weather (heat, wind, dust, air-conditioning) make troublesome dry-eye symptoms more likely to appear. These symptoms get worse the longer such devices are used, and they become particularly intense towards the end of the day, with itching, burning, foreign body sensation, irritated and reddened conjunctiva, the feeling of heavy eyelids, etc. For this reason, the eye surface should be moisturised with preservative-free artificial tears during the daytime and a moisturising, emollient and refreshing gel should be applied to the skin of the eyelid before bedtime.

02 Properties and uses

Use at night-time in Dry Eye: Applying BRUDYDERM DRY EYE to the skin of the eyelid helps to provide cutaneous hydration during the hours of sleep, when the eyelids are closed. BRUDYDERM DRY EYE combines several highly effective moisturising agents, such as Hyaluronic Acid and the Aloe vera juice with the moisturising and emollient properties of all the vegetable oils it contains: olive, avocado, grapefruit, sesame, grape, geranium, DHA-Omega-3 and tea tree. Regular night-time use of the gel provides relief from the annoying symptoms of acquired palpebral skin dryness throughout the day.

Use in areas of dry skin of the face: The moisturising, emollient and refreshing effects of BRUDYDERM DRY EYE reduce dry facial skin peeling and the sensation of tightness.

BRUDYDERM DRY EYE has been dermatologically tested and is well tolerated.

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