Brudyal Plus Multi

It is a moisturizing and lubricating solution, sterile, and with a physiological pH, based on 0.10% sodium hyaluronate and distilled water of blue cornflower and chamomile, in a multi-dose container, with a nominal capacity of 10ml, without preservatives. Sodium hyaluronate offers a moisturizing and lubricating effect, which counteracts dry eyes and creates a protective film in the corneal epithelium against external aggressors and against damage caused by free radicals. Chamomile is known in folk medicine for its soothing and refreshing properties and, therefore, is indicated to relieve pain and redness of the ocular mucosa caused by atmospheric agents and environmental factors. Blue cornflower is known for its moisturizing ability and its anti-redness properties. The content can be used in the next 3 months from the first opening. It is suitable for frequent use, several times a day, and can be used by contact lens wearers.

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